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A school for quality primary education for underprivileged

Through Pragyam, CCSE envisages providing quality primary education to underprivileged children within the age group of 5 to 14 years. The school intends to provide quality formal and interactive education to children. Many children in India are deprived of the benefits of education due to the high cost and the plight of underprivileged children including those of orphans and other street children is no better.

The economic deprivation faced by the families from the underprivileged background cause children to take up begging or  involve into labor activities at a young age. Children with a neglected background are devoid of learning/skill enhancing opportunities, and lack family support to develop their capacities and are constrained by a socio-economic factor that limits their development.





Pragyam fosters a supportive and child-centered learning environment for these children. The school further ensures that a gender sensitive and inclusive education is provided to children for an enhanced learning experience and building of confidence. The children are also inculcated with a habit of self-learning and peer learning facilitated by dynamic teachers. Pragyam also focuses on encouraging students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and all children are sensitized about sanitation during their learning process. The classes starts here from nursery to class 5th, beyond which the children are mainstreamed into the formal education system by admitting them to the neighboring government or private school.

Pragyam intend to enhance access to knowledge, skills and equitable growth opportunities for these children from disadvantaged communities.


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