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Even after 70 years of Independence, the Indian Healthcare system has to deal with a plethora of challenges. Though massive advancements in the field of medical technology have been made, public health expenditure in India increased marginally to 1.4% in 2016-17, significantly lower than the world average of 6%.


Although some serious commitment on  improving the health care system has been made recently, progress made has been uneven. Today, 70% of India’s rural population has limited access to healthcare facilities. Even in Urban areas, medical facilities are not at par to deal with the country’s burgeoning requirement. Thus, reflects the stark inequality in health outcomes.


At CCSE, our endeavor is to implement initiatives that address the health concerns and ensure that every underserved has access to quality health services.

Our focus area

Primary Health Care  We work towards strengthening the capacities at community level functionaries and ensure availability of adequate services at Primary Health centre.


Strengthening of basic infrastructure at PHC level  We work towards identifying the root cause of healthcare challenges in the underserved regions of the country. Thus, provide innovative solutions and help implement secure and quality healthcare services in the marginalised and underdeveloped section of the country.


Evidence based programming   We ensure the intervention is feasible, and the research informs the interventions to be done effectively.


Demand (awareness) generation and service delivery hand-in-hand Our efforts always lie in ensuring both awareness and service delivery of any health intervention are done with sustainability in focus.

The crisis - Health

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