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A robust mechanism for primary education is imperative for a country which aims towards putting in place a strong development agenda. Poor infrastructure, over occupied classrooms, high proportion of students-teacher ratio which ideally should be 30:1, lack of teaching & learning resources, untrained teachers and inappropriate pedagogy are the bottlenecks in Indian education system. Although, India has achieved an enrollment rate of 95% for both boys and girls between the age group of 7-10 years, but retainment of children in primary school is still a challenge faced by many government schools.

Our focus area

Primary Education  We believe in building capacities of various stakeholders and the community members in order to ensure proper functioning of schools at grassroots level. Establishing CSO-CSR partnerships for supporting and facilitating interventions is  the key.

Women Education  Keeping in mind the lower literacy rate among the females, we try to ensure that women becomes a part of every intervention to pave the way for their quality education & empowerment. Alongside of this, enhancing female literacy and reducing the dropout rates among girls is another key focus area. It is important to ensure that the girls have the maximum opportunities of skill development and gainful employment after the completion of formal schooling.


Information Communication & Technology   We focuses to explore the best use of technological solutions to provide quality education to the marginalised sections. We see a huge scope of technology and its optimum usage towards improving the standards of education.

Teachers Training  Training of teachers using modern technology and potential solutions and its optimum use to help in improving the age old method of pedagogy is our utmost effort towards strengthening the education system in India.

Skill Development   We are trying to create an ecosystem of effective partnerships and innovative interventions that results in up-skilling of the young workforce,providing a sustainable livelihood opportunities is the ultimate goal.

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