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Livelihood opportunities are subjected to the available vocational/skill training infrastructure. Many entrepreneurship interventions are undertaken at best, in a disorganised manner by individuals at the community level. If entrepreneurship skills are further developed and harnessed then not only would it help empower individual entrepreneurs but also help generate employment opportunities for others in the community. Currently, skill training interventions in India has the limited bandwidth to accommodate only 2% of our population. To achieve a 360 degree transformation, a lot of systematic planning, innovation and customizedprograms addressing rural-urban divide will play a decisive role in fulfilling dreams of becoming skilled India.

Our focus area

Farm and Non-farm Livelihood  We explore feasible, impactful solutions and technology enabled interface that could train the marginalized groups in rural-urban spaces on preferred job-roles. Interventions to improve livelihood opportunities include encouraging farmers to adopt scientific methods to improve their yields, animal husbandry management, dairy development to capacity-building programs focussed on building entrepreneurial abilities in youth and women.

Entrepreneurship and Employment  We design concepts to balance employee-employer skill demand-supply gap. The impetus is to train unskilled, semi-skilled and academically backward to become job-ready and facilitate employers with productive manpower.

Market Linkage   Initiatives are designed to support beneficiaries in connecting with prospective markets for generating higher revenues and consequently profits. The solution comprises of capacity-building activities and networking exercises to help target audience map potential market and reach out to newterritories to expand service umbrella.

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